About me…

Rod has worked for 16 years shooting behind the scenes on the BBC’s Top Gear TV show as one of their reportage & media photographers, travelling all over the world in the process.  This included many unique experiences in amazing locations ranging from finding the source of the Nile to being chased out of Argentina by angry mobs. 

“I can be working in a studio one day to climbing a mountain at 4 am the next, then go from a snowy hillside in Scotland to finding myself on a hot beach the following day!  This is the main reasons I started this vocational journey: adventure.”

If I’m being honest, I’ve also had my fair share of standing on freezing cold, wet and windy runways and mountains with film crews for days on end with nothing but ham sandwiches and a sense of humour to keep us all going.  Whether it’s been Wales in winter with a director who wants to do a car night shoot on a mountain or a road trip across America’s Deep South, it’s always been an exciting and fantastic adventure and at times, a very challenging environment in which to shoot and maintain your equipment and at times, sanity!

I am happy to work independently or embedded with any size production team; working long hours under pressure to deliver, in most any environment. I’m also highly experienced working alongside multiple camera operators covering multiple angles.  It’s vital to understand and anticipate each operator’s next move in order to stay out of their field of vision whilst also being aware of the sound operator’s needs with regards to any noise my cameras might make.  Basically, I have to have eyes in the back of my head.

Whatever your photographic needs, I have a proven track record of delivering stunning images whilst keeping as low-key as possible.  I’m there to document the event, not become a part of it.  I always go the extra mile to deliver exactly what you need and I’m happy to chip in to help with any other aspect of a shoot to be part of the team.

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