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Thanks for looking in. Here’s the usual blurb, surprisingly not in the third person!

Among other jobs, I have spent a vast majority of the last two decades being lucky enough to shoot stills behind the scenes on BBC’s Top Gear TV show, embedded with the camera crews and presenters. As you can imagine this involved a fair amount of travelling and many unique experiences in amazing locations ranging from ‘finding’ the source of the Nile to being chased out of Argentina by angry mobs and lots of days stood on the runway at Dunsfold. I would constantly have to take a few moments whilst on a job to commit to memory just how crazy some of the stuff we got up to actually was.

I've really enjoy shooting behind the scenes for TV & Film and found that the skills and experiences were a perfect complementary crossover when shooting corporate events.  I enjoy shooting portraits more these days and in my spare time (with two young boys is any time ‘spare’?) I like to shoot wildlife and landscapes. I also enjoy teaching photography on a one-to-one basis or with small groups.  I give a (very well received!) hour long talk on my time spent shooing with Top Gear around the world with lots of unseen photographs and a few fun backstories.  My talk showcases some of the areas we travelled to and highlights the everday pressures of being in the field for long periods of time with nothing but my whits and a sense of humor to keep myself and my equipment running.  I try and put the audience into my shoes and explain the difficulties and challenges with working with such a large crew (not to mention the egos), often under immense pressure in very challenging & often bizarre situations.


I have shot with Canon equipment for the past 25 years and have recently migrated over to mirrorless with the incredible RF glass. I shoot with the EOS R5 and R bodies and use these bits of glass: RF 15-35mm f2.8, RF 24-70mm f2.8, RF 70-200mm f2.8, RF 50mm f1.2, RF 35mm f1.8, RF 85mm f1.2 and the EF 100mm f2.8 macro and EF 500mm F4 on the EF-RF adapter. 

I have presented talks at the NEC Photography Exhibition on behalf of Canon and have given a series of interactive talks and photography classes all over the UK.  I was booked to compere the 2020 Photography Show on behalf of Canon and also to present again.  I work closely with Canon but maintain full impartiality and independence when it comes to expressing my opinions and experiences.  I buy all my own kit without any discounts.

​I am happy to work independently or embedded with any size production team; working long hours under pressure to deliver, in most any environment. I’m also highly experienced working alongside multiple camera operators covering multiple angles.  I understand and can anticipate people’s movements on a film or TV set in order to stay out of their field of vision whilst also being aware of the sound operator’s needs with regards to any noise my cameras might make.

Whatever your photographic needs, I have a proven track record of delivering excellent images whilst keeping as low-key as possible. I always go the extra mile to deliver exactly what you need and I’m happy to chip in to help with any other aspect of a shoot to be part of the team.


© 2022 All Images are property and copyright of Rod Fountain Photography.  No image or documentation displayed on this site may be reproduced, communicated or copied without prior written permission from Rod Fountain. Unauthorised commercial publication or reproduction of any part of this website is specifically prohibited.

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